Feb 9 • 1HR 29M

"Prisons of Specialness" with Cult Mediation Specialist, Patrick Ryan

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At this point, I have embraced this destabilizing, sometimes excruciating, sometimes wondrous experience of having a trans-IDed child as “curriculum of the soul.” Because I can’t help but imagine how different the world might be if we could all take the hardest thing in our lives and view it as this, as curriculum of the soul. Practitioners of Stoicism might say, "the obstacle is the way." These are my conversations and reflections--along the way.
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This was quite a lengthy conversation with Cult Mediation Specialist, Patrick Ryan. I had planned this conversation to go a little differently, but Pat’s approach of sharing his own story of a unique worldview he held for 8 years of his early adulthood, gives us a fascinating glimpse into the mind of someone engaged in a cultic relationship with a group. Pat describes in some detail how, at the young age of 17, he became enamored with an all-consuming new way of life from how he was raised, and how this experience ended up inspiring his life’s work of over 40 years now. Pat Ryan helps families with members who’ve adopted different worldviews to stay connected.

Here’s the promised link to the conversation Pat had with Lisa Marchiano in 2020 that has informed my approach with my own trans-identified daughter, and that inspired me to reach out and invite Pat onto the podcast. You can find Pat’s contact info at this website: https://cultmediation.com/about/

Pat has also agreed to come back and do a workshop for members of the new SMP Community Center. More information about March’s Grand Opening coming soon!