Jun 3, 2022 • 22M

Canasta and Good Omens

SM's Journey: Reflections from the Trenches

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At this point, I have embraced this destabilizing, sometimes excruciating, sometimes wondrous experience of having a trans-IDed child as “curriculum of the soul.” Because I can’t help but imagine how different the world might be if we could all take the hardest thing in our lives and view it as this, as curriculum of the soul. Practitioners of Stoicism might say, "the obstacle is the way." These are my conversations and reflections--along the way.
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In this episode, I surprise myself by sharing more than I intended about my daughter’s adamant pursuit of an ADHD diagnosis and some of my thoughts about why this is so important to her, and why I capitulated to this pursuit. It’s only loosely relevant to the reading. This reflection is from the same adventure as Road Trip. I also reference What Hurts Most and share some of the reframing and mantras I use to keep from getting triggered when interacting with my teenage children.

Here’s the written transcript of the reading only because the intro and commentary are unscripted:

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