May 3, 2022 • 17M

Driving Lessons or How to Disarm a Teenager

SM's Journey: Reflections from the Trenches

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At this point, I have embraced this destabilizing, sometimes excruciating, sometimes wondrous experience of having a trans-IDed child as “curriculum of the soul.” Because I can’t help but imagine how different the world might be if we could all take the hardest thing in our lives and view it as this, as curriculum of the soul. Practitioners of Stoicism might say, "the obstacle is the way." These are my conversations and reflections--along the way.
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Before listening to this episode of Reflections from the Trenches, I’d encourage you to read Living the Dream. I published that one purely for context for this podcast episode. 2018 was a wild, painful yet exciting, and precious year for the four of us; one that remains infamous in our family’s collective memory. When 8th grade started making our daughter sick, we pulled her from school.

What followed was a series of adventures—some I am still working to forgive myself for and some that created valuable awarenesses and precious memories. I was discovering just how challenging parenting teens was going to be, and I was determined to try anything that would keep my kids close and my family together.

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